elfab – building the most sophisticated electronics with skill and dedication!

elfab is an internationally active Swiss electronics company headquartered in Mellingen (AG). For the Swiss market, we have yet another manufacturing site in Corcelles in Neuchâtel.

For over 30 years our competent and dedicated team has been manufacturing demanding and complex electronics on schedule and at the highest quality, for your marketing success. This is underscored by our loyal customer base: 80% of our sales are to customers that have been loyal to us for more than 10 years. Following the successful handing down of the company management to the younger generation in 2007, elfab is and remains a family-run private company.

From the idea to the finished product

elfab is and remains closely linked with SMEs and research institutes. We specialise in prototype production and offer batch sizes from 1 - 50,000 units. State-of-the-art technology is what challenges and motivates us each and every day.

Quality and reliable delivery are what we strive to uphold each and every day, because it is the foundation of elfab’s success!

Your advantages

  • We help our clients see their ambitious goals and plans become reality.
  • Thanks to higher quality and greater reliability, you improve your chances on the market.
  • We understand the processes and markets of our customers, and that helps us cooperate with them more efficiently and win long-term partnerships.

Our flexible processes

  • With flexible manufacturing processes, we achieve short lead times and customised manufacturing.
  • We are constantly modernising and expanding our machinery along the entire production chain. This allows us to open up new markets and create long-term growth.
  • We are continually optimising to become better and to remain innovative.

Our production with modern equipment ensures reliable quality for your products.


Figures, data, facts:
Legally, elfab comprises three companies:
elfab AG

elfab Suisse Romande SA
elfab electronics AG


Production area: 3,300 m²
Assembly capacity:
150 million components per year
Components: QFB, BGA, μBGA, fine pitch up to 0.1 mm, SMD up to 01005
Printed circuit boards: up to 32 layers, up to 1,100 x 500 mm
Storage: more than 30,000 common parts always in stock
Transport: own fleet and selected shippers
Staff: 110
Share capital: 1,542,000 CHF
All units are closely inter-linked operationally, and therefore the data is consolidated for all companies to see (as of August 2010).