News 2008

Defying the economic crisis with Swiss virtues

04.12.2008 | Despite the alarming decline of the global economy, Swiss SMEs are bucking the trend. Business start-ups are capturing...  more

Record-breaking run thanks to electronics from Reusstal valley.

21.08.2008 | On the morning of 7 April 2007 the Hydroptère sets off from the port of Trinité sur Mer. Despite a wind...  more

Future-proof security of the production locations…

23.05.2008 | Particularly in electronics manufacturing, the trend towards shifting production to Eastern Europe and Asia is still...  more

We achieve sophisticated electronics with the utmost skill and dedication

27.04.2008 | elfab AG was founded in 1976 by Max and Heidi Meier. Today the company employs more than 80 personnel and is one of the...  more

Achieving with the utmost skill and dedication

05.03.2008 | High quality electronics from the small town of Mellingen help to examine the smallest microcosm (at CERN in Geneva), as...  more